Chair of Business Ethics and Management Control

Since 1996

Rolf Brühl as Professor


Research Assistants (= Doctoral Students)

Fabian Felten

Christina Novak Hansen
Moritz Schneider


Former Research Assistants:


Benedikt Kapteina (Promotion: 2024)

Philipp Richter (Promotion: 2018)
Johannes Jahn (Promotion: 2018)
Michael Hanzlick (Promotion: 2014)
Max Kury (Promotion: 2013)
Jörn Basel (Promotion: 2012)
Sabrina Buch (Promotion: 2010)
Osann, Mathias (Promotion: 2010)
Nils Horch (Promotion: 2009).


External Doctoral Students

Thomas C. Schmid (Promotion: 2007).

Arne Duss (Promotion: 2003).

We regularly meet with other researchers to exchange our newest research studies.


Our research is interdisciplinary and we apply qualitative and quantitative Methods (see our research with related publications here).


We teach in Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Ethics, Management Control, Management Accounting, and Philosophy of Science.


We publish our research in national and international peer-reviewed journals (see our recent publications here and our list of all publications here